Construction Maintenance and Repairs Contractor Gauteng: Redshadow Group

Construction Maintenance and Repairs Contractor Gauteng. At Redshadow Group, we offer to maintain, install and repair your home and office appliances and machines. You can afford our services from any place in Gauteng.

We are a one in all service provider, one stop contractor.

Top of Building Maintenance Companies In Gauteng

We leave you smiling, whether you want us to remodel, repair or extend your office space or home space.

Have a look at these service areas from which you can benefit in terms of low rates. Although you can get more from us, these services below are at the core of our offer:-

Plumbing and electrical

Heating and cooling systems

Home and office renovations

Cleaning Services

Gas installations

We work on heating and cooling systems such, geysers, heat pumps and others. Furthermore, we offer solutions to other home keeping needs that will increase the value of your property. In addition, services include repair and new fit ins, like new gutters for instance. To add to that, other home construction needs like paving are also covered. Likewise, we also sanitize homes and offices as well as clean and disinfect.

Call or book to request for service

Construction Maintenance and Repairs Contractor Gauteng
Our company is committed to exceeding your expectations and creating a memorable experience

Leading Plumbing Installations, Maintenance & Repairs Contractor Gauteng

Here is why dealing with us is a good idea

Time – we value client’s time and we make it a top mission to be on time, and do the job in time

Cost – fair pricing, we charge in a way that makes it possible to give you best results, while not taking advantage of our clients. We need your referrals, that is why we are fair in pricing

We are mindful of small detail at client’s premise, and we respect the office or house. Proper positioning of tools and making sure the space retains its clean ways.

We get material from big as well as small suppliers, to give client best results.

There are always options available for client to work with, so we provide alternatives.

Call us to fit plumbing systems

To fit new geysers – solar, electric and gas geyser fitting

We fit different systems of solar geysers depending on your climate, money allocation and number of users

The solar geyser install can be high pressure, or low pressure, of which you get panel and tube type of fit.

Additional to solar geyser service is the electric geyser service. This is the most common geyser request. Likewise, gas geyser services are also part of our geyser services.

We work on a lot of geyser brands in Gauteng such as Kwikot geyser, Heattech geyser, Builders warehouse geyser, Frankie geyser and others

Other plumbing fittings

Bathroom and Kitchen fitting

Toilet fitting and toilet repairs

Shower install such as shower cubicles and bath tubs

Sink and faucet fittings

Emergency Plumbing Services

We replace geyser parts that are not in working order, such as geyser thermostat, pressure valve and others

Replace burst geyser – quick and proper service to replace any burst geysers and to fix any geyser leaks, pipes or similar parts

Blocked drain cleaning services – we remove tough objects blocking sewer drains, kitchen drains and shower drains.

Leak Repairs – burst pipe fixing, leaky pipes and leaky toilets. We fast to resolve leaks of plumbing systems

Roof Plumbing

We fit and repair gutters

Repair and install home as well as industrial gutters

Top Electrical Installations, Maintenance and Repairs Contractor in Gauteng

Our service covers home and office wiring. It can be a home make over or a home. The same applies for offices as well, even if you need to divide an office.

Timer switch installations

We resolve earth leaks and electrical trips at distribution board (DB board)

No power in the building? Call us for electrical fault finding, and after that we will also fix.

Lights – We fit in flood lights and repair ones that are not working well. We work on boundary lights, interior lights and swimming pool lights.

Even to fit in back-up generators, we help you to manage your power when the national power supplier is failing.

On Top of Air Conditioning Installation Companies in Johannesburg and Pretoria

We fit in new cooling systems, repair and service ones that are not in good working order

Call us for contract service plans and even once off service. Likewise, we cover business as well as home and industry.

Repair of refrigerators and their servicing

No hidden costs, our prices includes electrical work where necessary.

Why choose our heating and cooling contractor service?

We give price rates that are accurate, as much as possible we visit site.

As for business clients, our contracts are plain simple and rates are even lower for contract maintenance.

Our technicians do not take short cuts, we follow full methods of installations.

We are familiar with many brands popular in South Africa.

Heat pump repairs and installation

General Handyman Services, Maintenance Alterations and Renovations

Maintenance services for homes and offices such as driveways paving installs and repairs. Furthermore, we tile office and home floors, walls do other small jobs for home up keep. As can be seen, you can call us for almost anything, even to fit in a washing machine!

Paving Services

Driveways Paving

Install new tar surface

Tennis courts surfaces

Brick paving

General paving

Gas Installations

Call us for:

New fit of gas geyser.

Fit of new natural gas fireplace

New fit of gas stove

Install gas pipes

Inspect gas system and give out certificate if it passes.

Cleaning and Disinfection Services

Our aim is to clean homes and offices, disinfect and sanitize surfaces with no error. To further explain this, not even a speck of dust will be seen. Additionally, we even spring clean if you ask for it.

Moreover, you can save more if you get a contract to clean your property on a more regular basis. Although contract cleaning is much cheaper, you can still save even for a once off cleaning need. This is because our company focus on making sure clients can afford us. After that we then hope to get business more often.

We make sure surfaces are 100% clean and free of germs. So first we clean, then scrub and after that sanitize the surface. Al last, we dust and polish to give a smooth shiny look.

We work normal hours and even after hours as well. Working after hours makes it possible to clean and sanitize when there is no one in the building. Therefore, there is additional benefit in that our service will not change your usual work flow.

Our staff knows how to get the job done, and we often exceed what you may expect. We offer a range of services that we believe will fully meet your needs with no regard to room size. Therefore no office is too big or too small for our skill and experience.

FAQ – Maintenance & Repair Services

What is difference between construction maintenance and construction repairs?

Maintenance is done on regular time frames, to make sure appliances, buildings and facilities remain in good shape and working order. Consequently, this results in a longer lifespan.

When you service and maintain properly, the need to repair is very low or none existent

Repairs, on the other hand means there is a problem that needs attention. This could be due to accidental damage, wear and tear or poor installation or workmanship.

How do I choose a Construction Maintenance and Repairs Contractor Gauteng?

Begin with at least three possible contractors. You will get a clearer picture of what you stand to get, even to refine your expectations when you compare companies.

Also take note of experience in the area of specialization.

Consider pricing against your budget – a well detailed quotation may help you to see a break-down of activities and insight on other aspects of the job. Furthermore, a fair construction maintenance company will additionally offer options to give room for budget constraints.

Once you have all the information, you are better placed to choose with regards to your budget and contractor proposals.

What is a construction maintenance and repairs contractor checklist?

A list of items and activities to be completed and checked for a specific maintenance task.

How do I choose Best Air Conditioning Installation Company in Gauteng?

Similar to choosing a general maintenance contractor, you will need to have options first. Then after that, a little research on the chosen brand and system can help you when you discuss with your contractor for options.

It also help to check the contractor for good record in terms of working within agreed budget. Additionally, an HVAC company that is known to work well on the chosen brand, or one with wider scope of brands will be better.

Finally, fair pricing. A contractor that visits sites usually is more accurate, unless the work is plain simple or enough pictures have been provided.

Written quotations are better than just a phone call price.

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