Water Leaks Repairs Emergency Plumbing

Water leaks repairs, emergency plumbing for Johannesburg and Pretoria. We meet your urgent need to repair burst water pipes at a reasonable rate. Call us for fast fixing.

When you face any of these situations, we are a phone call away

  • When your contractor accidentally hit a water pipe during maintenance work
  • If you notice signs of water leaks underground
  • When there is a water leak noticeable on the wall
  • Accidental damage to pipes in your garden, pool supply lines or irrigation pipes


Water leaks repair
Emergency plumbing services to fix a leaking galvanized pipes.

Water Leaks Repairs on Old Galvanized Pipes

A good number of buildings still have galvanized pipes. Even though they are less common today, old houses and buildings still have these pipes. They are no longer common due to factors such as rust action and difficulty in repair.

The good news is that we can still repair any damage to your old pipes, using methods and fittings that will secure your system.

We fix and repair broken and leaking galvanized pipe without regard to position. Moreover, we do not look at whether or not we have to cut out a portion or remove an entire piece. We do it all.

We can cut out and repair a part with no threads if the situation demands it.

Furthermore, we can remove an entire part if both ends are easy to access, and replace it with better quality pipe.

Even to fix a leak of galvanized pipe as a result of rust, or broken by action of contractors working in your area. We do this fast to save you from water loss, and property damage as a result of water leaks. Especially water in ceilings, urgent work should start to avoid costly damage to the ceiling. That is why we offer emergency plumbing services.


Leaks on Copper Pipes

We repair copper pipe leaks fast and efficiently. It does not matter the position of the pipe, ceiling, inside wall, underground or on surface. Any type of leak we solve it fast to prevent loss.

We fix small leaks, pinhole size leaks. Especially for copper pipes 10 years old or more, which is common.

Call us for any urgent fix of water leaks and we do it at a good rate. We attend to you as fast as possible.


copper pipe leaks repair
Fixed, water leak near valve

Toilet Leaks, Geyser leaks, Leaking Valves and Taps

Additionally, we fix toilet leaks of any manner. First, leaks due to worn out washers and seals, then leaks due to inlet valves as well as flushing unit failure.

We also replace burst geysers, as well as fix any leaking pipes supplying geyser or distributing from geyser. Even valves at geyser if they are leaking.

Call us for a low rate charge and fast service!

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