Air Conditioning And Refrigeration

Air conditioning and refrigeration services in Gauteng. You can afford our heating and cooling solutions. We offer quality services at good rates, so book online for if you need us to fit in new devices or to do repairs.

air conditioning and refrigeration

Central air con units

Mini split air con units

Mid wall units

Ceiling and under ceiling units

We Replace or fix air parts that are worn out. Some examples are:-

Aricon condenser unit repairs. We replace if need be.

Replace or repair aircon circuit board

Aircon fan and aircon gauges

Heat Pump Services

Pool heat pump fitting and repairs

Geyser heat pump fitting and repairs

Air conditioning And Refrigeration – Brands And Models

We work on many aircon brands and models

Here is a list of some of the brands we deal with

Samsung cooling units

LG cooling units

Infinity cooling units

Aux air aircons

Alliance aircons.

Midea aircons.

Gree aircons.

Jet-Air aircons.

All-Air cooling units

Dunham Bush air con

York aircons

Tempest aircon

Career aircons

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