Aircon Installation

Aircon Installation Price Factors

Whether back to back or long run – long run require an additional length of pipe, but will not vary too much from the back to back price.

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If normal drainage is possible or not, as a pump may be necessary if normal drainage is not achievable

Whether installation is on ground floor, or multi storey. Working at heights usually means more difficulty in ergonomics, hence might slightly vary in price.

We service and repair various air conditioner brands and models, as well as install various air conditioner systems for residential, office and commercial use. Our installations covers inverter as well as non-inverter installations, supply and install service as well as installation only service.

Basic Aircon Installation by System Type

Mid wall split installations

We mount an indoor unit on the wall, inside of your room or office and the outdoor unit outside of the building. In a back to back installation, the aircon inside unit is more or less at the same position with its outside unit, separated by a wall between them. This is up to 3m of copper tubes.

We install long run mid wall split units where back to back installation is either not possible due to shape of house or other hindrance, or as per client preference. Long run installations will require additional material to link the indoor and outdoor units and the cost of such will depend on the final length.

Similarly, we install multi-split aircons as well, where a single outdoor unit can serve more than one indoor unit.

Cassette split unit installation

For air conditioners with a ceiling mount design, we mount on the ceiling as ceiling cassette (embedded into ceiling) or under ceiling cassette (attached to beneath of ceiling). These installations are also possible for 3m or long run. Cassette units come with an internal condensation pump, therefore there is no issue of drainage failure. The installation of cassette units is generally longer in comparison with mid wall system.

Brands and Models

We install various brands and models

Here is a list of some of the brands we deal with

Samsung air conditioning

LG air conditioning

Infinity air conditioning

Aux air conditioning

Alliance air conditioning

Midea air conditioning

Gree air conditioning

Jet-Air air conditioning

All-Air air conditioning

Dunham Bush aircon

York air conditioning

Tempest aircon Career air conditioning 

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