Applications of Timer Switch

Applications of timer switch. Timers help with managing the energy use at home and with the general management of appliances. Use varies from simple operations like battery charging to swimming pool and geyser time controls. There is a continual rise in electricity demand in South Africa, resulting in higher tariffs. This calls for tight monitoring and usage of electricity to save money. It is definitely wise to check with local timer installers for quotation, weighing the benefits of timer installation vs costs.

Here are areas in which a timer switch can be useful

Indoor Applications of Timer Switch

General time controls

Timers can do a very good job in controlling time spent on television for instance. As a way of assisting your children to manage time and do their homework, you can set timers for good time management.

HVAC – Heating and Cooling Equipment

Portable heating and cooling equipment such as space heater and portable air conditioners can make use of timer switch. These devices consume a lot of electricity and it may be helpful to install a timer and get better energy use management. Installing a timer on a humidifier is also another great way to get control over energy usage. The list includes geyser timers. Geysers are among the highest electricity consumers in a household.

Devices with well-defined schedules

Sometimes, hot water usage in a household can have very finite time frames. For example in a home where the occupants all leave the house in the mornings going for work or school. This means no one is in the house during the day. In such situations, equipment such as hot water re-circulation pumps, can be connected to a timer. With no one in the house, bathrooms and showers do not need hot water supply.

Various other appliances such as toasters, battery charging systems and similar can work very well with timers to give the owner peace of mind.

Outdoor timer applications

Water pumps

Decorative water features like water fountain and other water pumps, such as the swimming pool water pumps can be managed by timer switch.

External and Internal Lights

Boundary lights as well as internal lights, can get energized at specified times. In particular, external light can use a combination of instructions from a pair of timers, to enable lights to go on by considering whichever comes first between darkness and a specified time. For instance, a timer set to energize lights at 6pm, can go on before 6pm if it gets dark. This is good for safety.


Sprinkler water systems can run effectively on a schedule that employs timers. No hassle and no pain. The list of applications goes on.

Do you require timer switch installation services for your home? Call, WhatsApp or send request and we will gladly assist.

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