Bathroom Remodel at Low Cost

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There are several ways to make your bathroom look better and more modern without spending a lot of money. In general, bathroom and kitchen upgrades cost a bit of money, but there are ways to cut down the cost significantly.

First, a look at the common aspects of bathroom renovations from a renovations contractor’s viewpoint.

Whether you need small bathroom makeover ideas or large bathroom remodel ideas, there are some common basic considerations.

Cheap bathroom remodel ideas for small bathroom may focus on space creation or space conservation. In contrast, large bathroom ideas might focus on the comfort of space. However, when it comes to working on a budget, we must look at a maintenance contractor’s bird eye view and details that follow.

Additionally, you will need to look at different quotes from plumbing and building contractors near you.

Plumbing Aspects of Bathroom Remodel at Low Costs

If you look at the bathroom or kitchen, you see the outward amenities making up the plumbing system in use. But behind the faucets, basins, showers, and bathtubs is a system of water supply and water disposal pipes.

As we use these facilities, we are often not aware of, or rather we do not consider how these pipes are joined together, until we need to renovate. As is the case in most cases, kitchen and bathroom makeovers often end up with changing the position of basins, bathtubs or showers. Consequently, such changes lead to overhaul of the piping system altogether. Construction plumbing changes such as re-routing plumbing lines can be expensive, as it involves chopping walls and re plastering thereafter. Careful choice of position of amenities plays an important part to do a bathroom remodel at low cost.


Electrical Scope Considerations for Getting the Bathroom Renovations at Low Cost

Like plumbing, there are always electrical lines running within walls and in some cases under the floor. This is one of the cost factors inherent in renovations, especially where walls must be broken. The kitchen, due to many home appliances in use, usually requires changes to the electrical system.

Finding a good renovations contractor means finding a contractor to work within your budget, and ideally one who can do all the handymen work needed for the project. Such a handymen service provider will have both electricians and plumbers within his team, which will cut down on costs.

You need to consider your local handymen business listings to get contractors, as well as recommendations from friends and the google reviews about potential contractors.

Painting or Repainting is a Simple Yet Effective Way to Re model your bathroom on a budget

Just like tiling, painting makes huge differences and yet it can be done at low costs. Most renovations include painting of some sort. By simply re painting walls, using theme specific colours can change the overall look of a bathroom.

Brick Wall Re-modelling

New walls or wall modifications also form another common aspect of bathroom re model or kitchen remodel. Playing around with where to lay walls or where to break can make a difference in costs, as bigger walls call for more bricks, mortar, plaster, and paint.

Changing Plumbing Amenities and Electrical Appliances

One of the reasons where need bathroom and kitchen make overs is to replace old amenities with new ones. For instance, one might want to change an old toilet to a newer and more modern one.

Space Creation Needs

The need to create more space and maybe accommodate an extra feature could be a reason for renovation.

So now we are done with the more common areas that make up the total cost of bathroom and kitchen renovations. Let us now look at some of the ideas on how to do bathroom renovations on a budget.

Bathroom Makeover Ideas on A Budget

Think about where you need to place new plumbing and electrical amenities.

Discus your dream project with your renovations contractor about where to put what, to do minimum plumbing re-routing. This applies to electrical appliances as well, as plumbing, and electrical changes often become very costly. An ideal situation is one that makes use of the existing plumbing and electrical points, or some minor extensions from existing points.

However, it is important to note that if your house is old and is using galvanized plumbing pipes, it is better to change them. Galvanized pipes are prone to rust and often cause leaks within walls, ceilings and even underground. This water leaks are usually expensive to fix, and in some cases a leak detection exercise will be needed before to locate the source before repairs can take place.

A well-planned project that makes use of existing features will greatly lower the cost of your bathroom renovations.

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