Benefits of Installing Timer Switch at Home

Benefits of installing a timer switch at home include savings on energy bill and ease of control of devices. Timer switch allows you to set time table to supply power to devices – power on and off at pre-set times. Let us look the broad types of timers before we get into the pros.

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Types of Time Controls

Mechanical Timers

These timers are set manually by turning a dial to the interval of choice. The dial links to a main spring which stores potential energy in the coil. Old mechanical timers do not need electricity for them to kick start the unit.

Mechanical timers are seen in two forms, plug-in timers and in-wall timers.

Plug-in timers have a plug on one side, and a socket on the other. The plug fits direct into the socket on the wall. The socket on the plug-in timer is where you can link other devices which use the timer. Mechanical plug in timer switches are set manually, with markings around the timer.

Wall timers are sockets set into the wall with time control features within.

Digital Timers

Digital timers allow for programming of time table for energy supply to devices. They are digital, unlike the mechanical which needs manual operation. Smart digital timers are now also in the market, allowing for Bluetooth links to smart phones. Additionally, digital timers are also very user friendly, as one can use two timers to work in together and control an many functions.

Benefits of Installing Timer Switch

Low energy bill – low cost to run device.

When you link timers to devices such as water heaters and lights, you control the exact times for which these devices use energy. Therefore, you are sure that power is not going to waste and is in use only when you really need it.

Safety – outside lights

Apart from the benefit of low cost, timers for outside lights will turn on by reflex at the set time. This is good for safety, no dark spots. Moreover, the chance of using a two or more timers at same time allow for special time table setting. One can set the unit to “decide” on time of day or dark and light. After that the timer can turn at a particular time or when it gets dark.  If it gets dark before the set time, the sensors will turn on the unit.

Internal lights – when you travel

Sometimes when you travel, you want the house look as if you are there. This is another benefit that comes with link to inside lights as well as outside lights through a timer. Therefore the lights will be going on and off as if there is indeed someone.

You forget – it does not matter

With timer switches, you can afford to go about your life without asking yourself “did I switch this or that device”.

Therefore it is a benefit especially for those that tend to forget to switch off devices.

Which devices can link to a timer switch?

A chance for energy saving and better management of devices is high.  Moreover, a lot of of devices can link to a timer, which includes the list below:-

Inside lights.

Outside lights and wall lights.

Swimming pool.

Water heater.


Television set.


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