Best Plumbing Company

Top plumbing company for repairs, installations and make overs. We offer emergency plumbing services as well as plumbing during construction of new buildings and renovation. Book now for top results!

Construction and renovations – we fit in water pipes and systems as well as facilities to support the system. You can rely on our trustworthy plumbing company to install all home and office amenities such as listed below

Fit in faucets

Bathroom plumbing fittings – new toilets installations, sinks, bathtubs and showers

Fit in water heaters and distribution system

Moreover, we inspect and make sure pipes do not leak after installation. Additionally, we check on parts for proper function before fitting.

Plumbing maintenance – repair of amenities such as repair geysers, replace burst geysers, drain cleaning, repair water leaks and more

RPS is one of the top plumbing companies in Gauteng to assure top client satisfaction and good response time

Most Affordable and Reliable Plumbing Company in Gauteng

For us to stand out in the plumbing industry, we observe best practice for a good plumbing company

As a plumbing contractor, we form part of a construction and renovations contractors, therefore we adhere to a client focused approach.

Good and on time communication with client.

Strong problem-solving skills

Our plumbers coordinate well during work, even working on confined spaces.

We respect client time frames.

Additionally, we offer advice to clients on how to maintain their systems. Our plumbers are friendly and easy to approach even during site works.

Last, we are a reliable and affordable plumbing service provider, we make plumbing costs affordable.


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