Building Maintenance Services in Bryanston

For all your building maintenance services in Bryanston, we are here to help.
Call or book online for the most affordable contractor full of great deals for maintenance services work.

Building Maintenance Services in Bryanston
Building Maintenance Services in Bryanston

We deal with clients in the following categories: –
• Single homeowners seeking to bring their property to a modern state and increase resale value.
• Body corporates and housing complexes managers.
• Property developers looking at maintenance contracts and ad-hoc maintenance services
• Business premises of the upkeep of buildings and offices, as well as expansion jobs.
• Civil works contractors, building and construction companies, and maintenance companies in Bryanston seeking to sub-contract their works.
• Bryanston Municipal projects.

Acquire quality Building Maintenance Services at Low rates

Why choose us? We offer quality services, use well trained and skilled people with vast experience in maintenance works.

All types of Building Maintenance Services in Bryanston
All types of Building Maintenance Services in Bryanston

•First, we offer good value for money
• Secondly, we have 6 months warranty
• Then Low cost of service
• In addition, on time completion of projects
• And, fast response to repairs and maintenance works
• Additionally, we are a well-known home improvement contractor in Bryanston

Best Plumbers for all your plumbing maintenance services in Bryanston

Toilet maintenance and repair services

plumbing maintenance services in bryanston
low cost plumbing maintenance services in bryanston

• If you need to add a toilet, call us for lowest cost of installing a toilet in Bryanston.
• Fast response to maintenance requests, such as leaking toilets
• Repair of toilets that are not flushing properly
• Fix toilets with water that continues to drip into bowl non-stop
• Restore noisy toilets when flushing
• Emergency plumbing solutions in Bryanston, like burst water pipes repair, blocked drain cleaning, burst geyser.

Best Electrical Installations, Maintenance and Repair Services in Bryanston

General electrical building maintenance and repair service. Geyser timer switch installations and repairs

Electrical power point addition. Building Maintenance Services in Bryanston
A room needs sufficient power points for safety. Electrical home maintenance Services in Bryanston

Electrical panel upgrades, replacements, repairs installations.
Fixing tripping electricity
Installation of UPS systems to supply power during load shedding
Solar powered lights and device installations
Lighting system installations and light fixture installations. These include indoor and outdoor lights like flood lights and boundary lights.
Any electrical building maintenance job.

General Building Maintenance Services in Bryanston.

Tiling services such as installation, tiling repairs and tiling removals.

Building Maintenance Services in Bryanston
A tiler at work. Building Maintenance Services in Bryanston

First, paving services such as walkways, driveways, pool surrounds and parking lots.
Secondly, welding carports and any upright supports.
Third, wooden window and door installations.
Lastly, wall painting both inner walls and wall of a building.

Air conditioning and Refrigeration Services in Bryanston

  • First, to supply and install new ac units
    • Secondly, to repair faulty aircons
    • Third, re-gas and service of aircons.
    • Fourth, fridge repair service
    • Fifth, food cooling units’ repairs
    • Repair and service of chillers
    • Finally, to maintain ac units

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