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Blocked drains problem? We have the solution. We clean drains in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Call us for urgent drain service needs or book an appointment online if you have any of these problems:

-blocked drainpipe on washing machine
-sewer drain pipe outside toilet that is not running
-shower drain that is not running
-sink drain not running.
We make use of the right tools for your situation.
We clean your drains at very good rates that you can afford. Furthermore, if you want us to take out old pipes and fit in new ones, we also do that. Sometimes, it is necessary to replace your drain lines with new ones. This is especially true for old suburbs. Before PVC became popular for drainpipes, earthenware was the one in use.
However, over it has its downside when you look at the strength. Earthenware breaks easily. Moreover, it is easy for roots to find their way in. Additionally, it is not easy to repair if a part leaks.

Full time plumbers to attend to drain blocks and plumbing maintenance

Our plumbers are full time on the job. We make sure that we clean your drain of roots, remove anything on the way. No drain is too much for us. Experience is what our team has, and we cannot let you down. Good results are certain. We are drain busters! Call us for any blocked drains!! Additionally, you get these other benefits, friendly service, on time service. You even get cleaner space because we subsequently clean after work.

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