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Affordable Electrical Services in Gauteng

We offer low, efficient, and reliable electric installations, electric repairs, and home electric maintenance.

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We have experienced technicians to carry out all your home and office electric repair and installation needs.

We believe that our pricing, experience, and expert service puts us ahead of other electrician companies as the best electrical contractor in Gauteng.

Our electrical service List

Install ceiling fans

Fit in lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor use.

Install uninterrupted power supply solutions

Repair tripping power

All home and office electrical installations and wiring.

DB board repairs and installations.

Call us for any home electrical maintenance service, like appliance and house repairs.

Geyser Timer Switch in Randburg, your top timer switch installer in Randburg. Additionally we also do other geyser jobs, call for quote or sens us a need From digital timer switch installs to manual timers. We install and repair timer Read more…

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Timer Switch Installers Randburg. We offer professional timer switch installation services in and around Randburg. Call for electrical installation services by your local electrician. Enjoy better electrical energy management and save money Check us out for the following geyser timer Read more…

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Benefits of installing a timer switch at home include savings on energy bill and ease of control of devices. Timer switch allows you to set time table to supply power to devices – power on and off at pre-set times. Read more…

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