Common Air Conditioner Problems That We Fix

Common air conditioner problems. Aircons fail due to many reasons, including wear and tear, blocks on air pipes, and electric issues and other reasons.

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A quality air con fit and repeat service go a long way to protect your unit. Therefore, maintain your air con and avoid costly repairs. In particular, a good install that follows steps will consequently save money on repairs.

For example, the right level of gas at install stage gives longer life and better results. Correct level of gas is one of the things that an air con installer should make sure of. To cut corners and avoid the full steps will result in low air flow. That is why it is ideal to hire a proper service provider for new air con installs at home and in offices.

Here are some of the things that you may easily note as indicators of trouble:-

Common Air Conditioner Problems
Aircon fault finding

What are The Most Common Signs that One May Notice

You notice that the air conditioner does not switch on.

Furthermore, the registers which adjust air flow may not have any airflow.

Or, the air con is running, but the room does not cool.

You notice leaks on air con unit, or you see that the humidity remains bad.

Hot air is blown by the aircon unit.

The fan is not in good order.

You find out that you cannot turn your aircon off

Or You start hearing strange noises

Unusual smell coming from the air con.

These are some of the most common air con problems that people come across. To better understand the root causes, first we may look at the aircon parts and function. Then we can see how a faulty part can affect the unit.

Additional Parts of An Aircon and How to Maintain


A filter traps dirt and dust that affect air quality and man’s health. When a filter blocks, it limits the flow of air. This affects the power to cool air. To clean filters in time is therefore the right thing to do as air blocks will lead to a room that does not cool as per design. Moreover, air cons may freeze as a result of these clogs.

Aircon makersĀ  will often suggest the time for filter change. To clean and change filters is the most basic form of air con servicing done by air con service providers.

It is clear that filter clogging may result in problem (c), (e) and (i) mentioned earlier on. Air conditioner belts may also be a reason for bad smell. An air conditioning service provider will also perform an airflow measurement during annual service to ascertain the level of air passing

Evaporator Coils and Condenser Coils

Corrosion may affect evaporator coils causing them not to function properly. They can be cleaned with water hose yearly. Technicians may need to clean it with chemicals if the dirt is too much.

Similarly, condenser coils also require annual servicing

Thermostat settings should be correctly set, and the thermostat should be level and free of sunlight interference. Such thermostat issues may result in unit not kicking. A control panel issue may also be an indicator of a faulty thermostat.

Other Common Air Conditioner Problems that Affect Electric and Electronic Parts

When Electric Control Fails

A check on electrical parts is done during a air con servicing


A capacitor works on contacts that start up compressor and motor actions. Specifically, the condenser fan motor and blower motor as well as the compressor. When fans fail to engage, a faulty capacitor is most likely the reason for that.

Sings to warn you of a capacitor that is weak includes a click sound and/or a hum sound on the motor.

It is better to pay urgent attention to such a fault to avoid costly repairs that may arise if this is not dealt with in time.

Additionally, breakers, electrical wires and fuse need a look as well.

Faulty breakers and fuses will result in air con not working.

Furthermore, bad wires may cause breaker to fail due to electrical shock. There is need to look at the fuse and see if they are blown out or not. Especially given that blown out fuses will cause parts not to engage.

Common Air Conditioner Problems & Other Issues

Refrigerant Leaks or low levels

Low gas level affects the overall work output of an air con. The coolant may be low due to a wrong install. Especially if the coolant is not enough but no leaks are seen. However it is easy to fix this problem. All you need is just to add more gas. The unit should maintain correct gas levels in order to get best results.

If leaks exist, the answer is to find the hole and seal it.

To fix a leak is however not a costly repair.


Similarly, drain lines may also suffer from blocks. This is also easy to fix and is one of the things to look at on minor service.

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