Common Home AC Compressor Problems That We Solve Easily

Compressor repairs on home ac units need to be done away with by a good ac unit maintenance. Without doubt the most expensive part of the air conditioner unit is the compressor. Therefore, special attention should be given to its maintenance. However, it is interesting to note that the majority of ac compressor failure causes can easily be avoided. Timely ac maintenance will make it possible to pick any potential hazard. Moreover, home ac compressor repairs may not be possible at all, and the cost to replace may be so high that one may consider a new unit altogether.

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home ac compressor
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What is an Air Conditioner Compressor and How Does it Work?

The compressor does two main jobs on an aircon

First, it presses the aircon gas and consequently convert it to liquid.

Then it pumps the liquid to make it circulate the system. This liquid is the one that takes up heat from the air, thereby reducing the heat levels of air in a room.

The makers of the units suggests a lifespan of 10 to 15 years on a home hvac compressor.

Just as the human heart is central to life, likewise the ac compressor.

Home AC Compressor Problems

Compressor may fail due to other deeper problems. Let us look at possible causes for it to fail.

No clear air passage on condenser coil

Heat is meant to escape the system via the condenser coil. If the coil has dust and is blocked, the heat cannot escape as expected. In this case, the unit will continue to run in a bid to lower the heat level. This extra run will consequently over work the ac compressor. There will be a heat level rise and a pressure built up that will over work the pump.

When air con unit does not cool effectively – No clear passage on suction lines

Similar to condenser coils, any blocks on the refrigerant lines will increase pressure to the pump, resulting in over work. Moreover, the lines will get cracks and holes, which will further prevent effective flow and consequently result in low cooling ability.

When refrigerant leaks causes low charge

Likewise, leaks on the pipework will result in lower levels of refrigerant than needed. This forces the pump  to work harder to cover up for the shortfall, resulting in overwork. Compressor break down may result from such. Air con technicians can easily repair any leaks at very low rates. Poor installation may also be a reason for low refrigerant levels.

When electrical problems affect acid levels.

A built up of acids is not good for the air con. Acid may built up due to electrical faults which will then affect the pump.

Other Problems

Proper oiling of parts and a normal running motor will further preserve your compressor as well.  In short, any misnomer that triggers the pump to operate at higher than design rate will cause damage to your compressor.

Solution for Home AC Compressor Failure

Clearly, on time ac unit servicing will help to detect most ac compressor problems early. This is why we are confident that we can solve your compressor problems, even though they are hard to repair. We make sure we nip it in the bud, fixing the issue while it is still not a huge issue. Call us for servicing that you can easily afford. AC compressor maintenance is not costly at all, it comes standard with regular servicing. Call us for low air conditioning servicing cost today!

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