Construction Plumbing

Construction plumbing in Johannesburg and Pretoria, fill in contact form to book an appointment or for quotes.

We offer plumbing services to civil and building firms and home owners.

Building a new home? Let us do all your plumbing install such as clean water supply and drain water systems.

If you need to install toilets, bathroom basins, showers and bath tubs you are at the right place.

The work of a good plumber should not disturb the overall look of a building. Therefore, we work to maintain the appeal or even do better! We have solutions that will maintain the value of your property.

Look at drain lines for instance. Good plumbing will make sure the stacking is right, so as not to allow bad smell back in the house. Even the presence of S-strap is not something we overlook. Furthermore, we make sure there is enough access points to your drains for ease of repair work.

Similarly, our other installs such as geyser installs have high quality, with correct regard to standard steps. Let us install your geysers same time as your building gets ready for commissioning. No house is too small for our services, and none too big either.

Construction plumbing sub contracts

We serve building contractors and civil works companies with plumbing of small to medium structures as well as portions of large civil engineering buildings. Plumbing for structures and facilities such as shopping centers, schools, stadiums, blocks of offices, residential complexes and many other areas of public interest.

We take contracts for installation of the following

  • We install water meters for homes and offices
  • Clean water supply line fitting.
  • We install drain lines
  • New geyser fit in, that is electric, gas and solar
  • We fit in new toilets and do repairs as well.
  • Male urinal toilets and female toilets
  • Furthermore we fit in bathrooms

In addition, we do general plumbing and plumbing renovations.

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