Construction Plumbing in Johannesburg

Construction plumbing in Johannesburg, for all your construction water supply and disposal needs book online for service.

New plumbing Installs such as storm water drains, sewer drains, cold and hot water supply, and waste lines.

Drainage Construction Plumbing

We install underground wastewater pipes that take sewage from your building to the main Municipal drains. Water is taken from kitchen sinks, showers, and bathrooms as well as toilets. After that, it collects and moves through drainpipes until it gets to municipal drains.

Enough access points for drains are necessary, to make it possible to clean drains if they get blocked. The inspection eye should be for both smaller pipes (usually 50m) and larger ones like 110mm

Storm water drains

water that runs on surface, after rains for instance, should collect at storm water drains. The water then runs in channels to feed the main storm water drains for municipality

Cold and Hot Water Supply

We install new hot water lines to connect geysers to bathrooms and kitchens.

Home Construction Plumbing in Johannesburg

Property owners and homeowners can make use of our plumber services. A well-built house should be free of water troubles such as underground leaks. Some underground leaks will require leak detection and expensive repairs. Leaks can result in huge water bills especially underground leaks. Therefore, proper steps need to be taken during construction.

Therefore, you need plumbers that do not cut corners. We know the value of standards.

Book us for quality plumbing solutions for homes and business.

We offer plumbing solutions for office buildings as well. Building contractors and civil engineering companies can use our services and get the benefit of quality workmanship. Additionally, we do maintain your water systems as well.

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