Electrical Installations, Repairs and Maintenance in Gauteng

World class electrical installations and repairs in Gauteng. We are your number one installer of electrical devices in the building.

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We help you manage your electric system and keep you safe by providing electrical maintenance services. For instance, we can install a whole-house surge arrestor to protect you from high voltage jolt coming from the utility supplier. This may be due to lightning or other electric faults at utility

In addition, we install all your electrical points for the house, and repair and maintain devices that use electric energy in the house.

List of Common Home Electrical Installations and Repairs Services

Circuit breaker installations and servicing

Install new power outlets and junction boxes and repair faulty ones

Replace existing power outlets and junction boxes and repair faulty ones

Lighting installations and repairs

Install new electric panels and repair faulty panels.

Home electric wiring installation

Emergency electric repairs and services

Install safety devices for home electric system

Upgrade under powered electric systems

Fit in a power supply back up system

Resolve power surge issues

Fix circuit overload issues

Qualities of Our Electrical Installations Technicians

We pride ourselves in providing top installation, maintenance, and repair service in Gauteng.

Our electricians have top qualities to keep you safe and to make the most of your home electrical system. Expect nothing but excellent service from our electricians.

  • Well trained
  • Vast experience in home maintenance and repair services
  • Use of top electrical hand tools to produce the best service
  • Fit to work, suitable for the demands of the job
  • Clean – clean out after work
  • Thorough inspections, dismantling and re assembling devices to perform 100% complete fault finding.

In addition, our service rates are low. In fact, you can hardly find such world class service at such budget friendly rates!

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