Electrical Services

electrical services

Electrical services for Pretoria and Johannesburg. Redshadow Group is a contractor that offers help to maintain homes, offices and industry. Call us or book for any repair or to fit in of electrical parts. We charge fair rates and we do not cut corners. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge such that they follow standard steps

Our electrical services includes the following:-

Electrical fittings

Home wiring

To fit flood lights and do repair work on lights

To fit in back up generators and make sure there is always power in the building (UPS).

More on Generators and Change Over Switch

Escape the Eskom problems of power cuts and load shedding when you install a back-up generator for your home or office

It is essential to have a plan in place so that your home and office keeps running. We fit in back up generators to make sure you have power supply when the national provider fails you. To add to that, we follow proper steps by doing a change over switch fitting.

We Fix Distribution Board (DB board) Issues and fit in new ones when it is necessary to do so

We work on your DB board, which is at the heart of your electricity. It is where every device gets power and where control of use is. Therefore it is a very important unit.

We fix problems such as electrical trips and also maintain your DB to make sure all wires are intact. Further we replace any burnt wires or parts.

Electrical Fault Finding and Problem Solving

We look at your whole system to find out the actual cause of electrical faults. For example, you may find a section of a house with light switches not working at all. This is especially true for new home owners. In such a case, we trace the wire and find the cause then fix it.

Therefore, help should be sort from a full time electrician. In some cases you may find a system by-pass that you are not aware of.

Fixing Frequent Circuit Breaker Electrical Tripping Problems

By design, a circuit breaker is a unit that protects parts from possible harm. Breakers will trip and switch off whenever there is too much flow or faulty device. Therefore, electrical trip in itself is a sign of a working system. Common devices in the house that may cause electrical trips includes microwaves, iron and hair dryers just to name a few.

However, if electrical trips continue it can annoy and disturb your day. For a DIY , first try to pick the device in use when electricity trips. Then look at that device for error. It may be that there is a loose contact or there is an area where water gets in contact with a wire.

Circuit overload can similarly result in electrical trips. However, in most cases, it may look as if electricity trips for no reason. Even though that might appear to be the case, we know that there is always a cause for electrical trips. Therefore, you need a technician to help out. An electrician will check your whole site to find out the exact cause. Usually, a DB board panel is the first area for an electrician to check.

Electrical Repairs

Repair of faults due to electrical surges

An electrical surge is one of the most common electrical problem in homes and offices.  Natural causes such as lightning strikes can cause an electrical surge.  Further, faulty device can also be an issue. When the wire connects to a faulty device it can result an electrical surge.

It is important to have a correct fit of house wiring. Bad wiring that does not follow standard steps may also result in electrical surge damage

The answer to prevent electrical surge may lie in using surge protectors. An electrical surge protector can lower damage to parts. If you cannot do an electrical surge test at home, you may want to call a local electrician

Hire Us

If you hire us to fix your problems, you get additional benefit of fair and low rates and a good service. Additionally, to have an electrician come over and check may help you avoid high electrical bills. More so when you look at the fact that you may not be able to fix it by yourself.

Let us find the problem for you and fix it.

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