Electrical Services

electrical services

Best electrical services in Gauteng at low rates. To book our services, fill in contact form for an appointment.

We offer home and commercial electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance services all over Gauteng.

In addition, we are always open for emergency electrical maintenance services in Gauteng.

Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services in Gauteng

All your home electric repair service needs are met by us.

At Redshadow Group, we make sure you have nothing to worry about in terms of all electricity repair and service needs.

For instance, if you come across repeat electrical power trips just call us for immediate repairs.

We consider this to be an urgent need, so that your building electrical systems are in proper working order all times.

Here is a list of common electrical repair service needs that we attend to in Gauteng.

  • First, lights that flicker and blink every time you turn the switch on
  • Second, repeat power trips
db board electric service
  • No power in the building
  • A light fixture that always burns bulbs
lighting electric services
  • Electrical points that are not working
addition of electrical plugs
  • Repair of electrical switches that are not working
electrical repairs
  • Electrical service to fix power overload issues
  • Last but not least, we resolve unusually high electric bills.

Furthermore, we repair home devices that use electrical energy, like stoves, ovens, and fridges.

In fact, any building electrical concern is a matter that we can solve.

Electrical Installation Services in Gauteng

Buildings rely on a system of wires from a main electrical panel to the various plugs, switches and power points that supply power throughout the building.

Safe electrical wires and safe power points are vital for the function of a building.

Therefore, our installation services ensures that new wires are available, and new devices are safely linked to the existing power system.

See some of the common electrical installation service requests that we attend to on the list below: –

  • Fit in indoor ceiling lights from standard lighting to other décor’ lights.
  • Install outdoor lighting system like tennis court flood lights, wall lights, and boundary lights.
  • Fit in new electrical panels when you expand a building, building make overs, and new buildings.
  • Install new power supply for building devices like water pumps, aircons, and geysers
  • Fit in any other electrical service point that may be of need on a new building
  • Install alternative electrical storage system for uninterrupted power supply

Why Hire Us

We believe we have an edge over other electrical contractors in Gauteng, due to the packages and labour rates for electric services. Here is what our electrical company promises.

  • Low rates of electrical service and repair
  • Experienced electrical technicians
  • Fast and efficient electrical service
  • Well trained electrical professionals
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