Domestic Lights And Flood Lights Installations and Repairs

domestic lights and flood lights installations and repairs

Domestic lights and flood lights installations and repairs

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Common lights problems include bulbs that do not turn on at all and bulbs that flicker often. An electrical trip when you turn on lights is also a common thing

A few things to look at before calling an electrician to fix your home lights issues. First have a look at the simple things, as there could be nothing wrong other than you forgot to turn on a switch. There could be a similar problem somewhere else that you can pick by yourself.

Check the switch is really on

Check the DB for any tripped breaker

Turn the bulb to see how it sits. A bulb should sit well to get power. If it does not turn on after that, try to replace the bulb with a new one.

Home Lights and Flood lights Installations and Repairs

To inspect and test lights is a fast job. Technicians look at and test a few things to find cause of lights not working. The test points includes electrical socket tabs. A look at these can tell if there are any loose contacts. Additionally, a look at switches will also answer the question of power supply and normal part function.

Furthermore, a look at the whole house wires will also help to find any faults or loose contacts. Sometimes you even find burnt wires. There might be need to replace some cables or repair broken wires. Moreover, electricians also look at socket end points if they are still intact, as they may also be loose.

DB board is also a unit to look at for faulty breakers.

Electrical inspections make it possible to pin point the problem and point out the faulty part. Thereafter, you can replace or fix the faulty part depending on state.

Our Domestic and Flood Lights Installations Services

domestic flood lights installations
main gate lights repairs
main entrance lights
main entrance lights
domestic flood lights installations
driveways lights repairs
drive way lights
drive way lights

We service and install a many types of home and office light systems.

Flood lights – for large areas, we install flood lights to make sure the whole space has enough light. Large areas need enough light to keep it safe. To choose the right light power, we look at the distance from the main house to the boundary wall for example. To add to that, we also look at the cost and talk to you about choices.

We fit in lights for driveways so that your entire driveway is seen during the night. Ground lights and side lights are options for safe driving at night, as you make your way to the house.

We fit in lights for inside the house. There is wide options to choose from. Further we work with your interior home decor designer for best solutions.

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