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Electrical tripping problems and electrician services. book online if you have repeat electrical trips

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Short Circuit

Live wires and neutral wires should not come into contact, as this will result in short circuit. Short circuit is one of the most common causes of electrical trips, and can be a danger to you. Therefore, a fast solution should be sought when electricity trips occur due to short circuit

By design, breakers should trip when there is potential for danger and overload, to protect the whole electrical unit. Therefore, electrical trips are not in themselves the issue. Trips are a good sign, as this is the design. However, they tell us that there is an error somewhere.


Damages to electrical wires or a faulty device may cause a leak of electrical current. When this happens, there is more than normal electricity flow. The breaker will take note it and cut off. That is why breakers trip. It is a safety measure.

Damage to wires and electrical tripping

Electrical wire damage and other old electrical parts are potential causes for overload. Therefore a solution should be found fast. Moreover, electrical trips are a matter of urgent attention. Especially when there is a damage to wires.

In the case of faulty devices, you can single out the real device if you turn on one at a time. You turn on one device and see if it trips the power. Do this until you single out the real device. Then you can go on to look at it more closely.

Bad weather may also cause problems on lights

Our Services

We offer full electrical help services such as to maintain and fit in new device. Our service is for in and around Gauteng.

  • Back Up Generator fittings to provide power supply all day
  • repair of electrical tools
  • We fit in timers
  • To wire full house or office
  • We solve electrical tripping
  • Fit in new lights and repair the ones not in good order.

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