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timer switch installations
timer switch installations
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circuit breakers
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Timer switch installations help home owners and those that rent out in terms of low cost of electricity. Additionally, timers help property managers to lower electrical costs. A timer switch has a built in part that turns a circuit on and off at pre-set times.

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Most timer switches have a standard rate of 120-volts. This is the one for household electricity. When you set the unit, you chose the time for power supply for a home or office device. Devices such as geysers and heat pumps can get this benefit.

Types of timer switches


Analogue timers are similar to wrist watch in terms of how they are set. They use a sprig concept to keep track of time. It is possible to set more than one time spacing. Therefore you can have multiple time frames within a 24 hour cycle.

Other timers, however have a 60 minute upper limit time frame.

Analogue/mechanical timer switches last long and they are easy to work with. Therefore, they find use in lights, ceiling fans, home devices, bathroom, heat lamps, saunas, hot tubs, and pools.

Digital Timers

Similar to analogue, they make it possible to have more than one time frames within a day. Furthermore one can program these timers to have a schedule of more than one day. It is possible to set the timer for a week long time frame.

Digital timers have the advantage of that you can link to other devices, such as the smart phone. A smart digital timer switch is one that has controls on a phone through pairing. To add to that, you can have the ability to control with voice orders. This is possible when you pair with Google Home for example. Other devices and platforms are also able to do the same thing.

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