Gas Geyser Benefits

Gas geyser benefits. Gas geysers provide a cost effective, fast and reliable means of water heating. Especially if you have access to natural gas, as it is much cheaper than propane. Propane is still much cheaper as a source of energy for water heating, in comparison with electric geysers.

Here is a short list of the advantages of gas geysers

  • From an installation point, gas geysers are much easier and faster to install. This also means cheaper installation cost.
  • As mentioned, the running costs of gas geysers is much less even where LPG is in use
  • The heating of water by gas geysers is an instant process, ensuring a quick hot water recovery. This is good news particularly for households with a huge hot water requirement. There is guarantee of quick replenishment of hot water in gas geysers.
  • With gas geyser, you do not need a tank as the heating of water is instantaneous. Gas installers make sure the distances are appropriate for minimum energy loss along water pipes. This is especially critical for standard gas geysers, which tend to suffer energy loss over long distances. However, advanced geysers are not affected much, since they make use of a pressure pump.

The downside of gas geyser installation is in the price of the geyser itself. In comparison, electric geysers are cheaper than gas geysers. However, this initial cost is outweighed in a short period of time, as the running costs of electric geysers will soon override the geyser cost.


Call For Installations & Enjoy These Gas Geyser Benefits

We are proud to be gas installers for various appliances and water heating systems

This clean energy source with low carbon footprint is becoming very popular in South Africa.

Our installation and repair services covers





Make use of our services for affordable, efficient and innovative clean energy services.  Enjoy the benefits that comes with gas installations by having this system in place for your home.

It should be noted that a flue pipe is required with gas installation in order to deal with hazardous emissions

The carbon dioxide emissions from the burners is drawn out via flue pipes. This helps to prevent the carbon dioxide from sinking into the geyser, where they will smother the burners and trigger the system safety feature to shut off.

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