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Planning the gas geyser installations

The plan should consider the distance between geyser and its final destination. The instantaneous water heating effect of gas geysers need to be preservation by a quick delivery of the water to plumbing facilities. Longer distances tend to result in pressure loss and hence energy loss. Furthermore, there is a a delay of water hot primarily due to the presence of cold water already existing in the pipes. It is common to install it mid-way between the kitchen and bathrooms, or closer to bathrooms. This way, the water pressure and temperature loss is at minimum. Gas geyser installers will weigh the options for effectiveness.

Manual geysers in particular, will suffer significant heat loss at 6m – 8m length of travel. Advanced geysers however, are able to push the water up to 15m – 20m without loss of water pressure. This ability will however come at an extra cost in that there is more gas usage.

The chosen position should also have free air circulation and not in confinement. There should be enough oxygen to enable complete combustion, hence gas geyser installation position should be at an open space. Furthermore, incomplete combustion has a negative effect on health, as it can lead to an unwelcome by-product of carbon monoxide

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Guidelines for Gas Geyser Installations Standard
Guidelines for Gas Installations Standard

In order for home owners to be sure that the Standard Gas Installations have been adhered to for any gas installation, they should ask for a COC. The elevation and position of gas geysers should also follow Gas Installations Standards, which is a legal guideline and set of requirements for  installation.

Home owners are required to have a Certificate of Conformity as proof that installation is done in accordance with regulations of South Africa. The certificate is valid for five years as long as there are no alterations during this period. Furthermore, insurance companies require this documentation for cover, in the event of damage.

If your property suffers damage due to a gas fault, your insurance company will expect you to produce a valid certificate. Not being able to produce one may invalidate your claim.

A COC is also necessary as part of the requirements when selling property .

Gas Geyser Installations Choice of Piping Material

The pipework for gas geyser in not restricted to copper, although copper is much better due to its versatility, durability and ease of use. Galvanized pipes can also be made use of, although the corrosive nature not welcome. Galvanized piping for water supply is becoming less popular in South Africa. Another piping possibility is the polycop (plastic) supplying cold water. However, this installation can only go up to the shut off valve.


All gas water heaters units have flame failure devices, so gas will not run through the unit if a flame is not burning.  Oxygen depletion sensors ensure that gas combusts correctly and that overuse of oxygen does not occur.

General Notes

Standard Gas Geysers employ the natural law of hot water rising. As water is heated, it expands and gets lighter than cold water. This causes it to float, thereby rising above the cold water. Hot air rises and cold air descends by the same principle

Fan Force Driven Gas Geysers

Complete combustion is aided by a fan, enabling the water to travel up to 15m without significant pressure loss. They are more efficient in rate of supply and distance of supply from source.

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