Why Gas Hob Installation Is Becoming Popular In SA

Gas hob installation is becoming more popular in South Africa than its free standing traditional mode, gas stove. As more homeowners modernize their kitchens, appearance and ease of use rank high for home owners

gas hob installation
gas hob installation services

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A quick look at the operational and design aspect of these two cook tops reveals the reason for the migration.

Traditional gas stoves are free standing, while gas hobs are in built. This is the most visible and immediate striking difference, accounting for a better appeal for gas hobs. Gas hob are available in glass tops, bringing an even more elegant look and sophistication.

What are traditional gas stove users missing?

Convectional gas stoves have a limitation for controlling temperature. The range of temperature control is much wider on gas hob, with a combination of two control points to bring temperature to the level of satisfaction. What does this mean to your cooking? Clearly a tastier meal, as different meals require different temperatures, the cook is empowered to obtain desired results. And faster cooking times too!

Furthermore, unlike the free standing gas stove, there is no need of lighters to light the burners. Gas hob come with an automatic system so that you need is to turn the knob, and the burners light up.

The fact that the gas hob cooktop is level with counter top means ease of movement of cooking pots and pans. The hob is conveniently level with your counter top, a feature that is not guaranteed on traditional gas stoves

Gas hob installation and safety

The flame failure design of gas hob means increase in safety. Gas hob cuts off gas supply as soon as the flame goes out. There is a cost benefit as well, since there is no waste in gas. Timer installation is also an additional feature that is possible with gas hob, bringing convenience to a higher level.

Gas hob are better, that is the simple message. When you choose gas hob, you choose:


Ease of use

Appeal and sophistication, you add value to your kitchen


Better cooking

Freedom in temperature control

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