Geyser And General Plumbing Services by Redshadow Group

For geyser repairs and general plumbing services at low rates, call or fill in contact form to book an appointment. Redshadow Group is your best geyser contractor for geyser repair, geyser replacement services, and general plumbing services.

geyser repairs plumbing services
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Our geyser repair services include: –

Replacement of geyser thermostat – we bring back your hot water in a few minutes, if the thermostat is no longer in good working order. Call us for thermostat replacements.

Replacement of geyser element cheap – like geyser thermostat, we also replace faulty geyser element.

Fixing geyser not heating – when ever you experience a no hot water situation, we are there to help.

Burst geyser replacement at low rates – emergency plumber solutions for burst geysers.

Professional Geyser Installers: We meet the full geyser and plumbing installation requirements

We follow all steps for geyser repairs and plumbing services and we do not take short cuts. We ensure 100% geyser installation requirements are met for each type of energy source.

Therefore, you may rely on our geyser service for the different energy source type. For instance, electric geyser installations and solar geyser installations. We install geysers from the start during construction as well as replace or re position existing geysers. Quality geyser fitting demands a good plumber and the use of quality geyser piping and tools.

Other General plumbing Services apart from Geyser Service

We are your top French drain installers in Gauteng!

French drain construction and installations – install the best drainage system to take away subsoil water flooding.

Subsoil drains offer a good and last solution to outdoor residential drainage as well as subsoil drainage on commercial properties

We also offer general drain unblocking and drain plumbing services.

We unblock and clean out blocked drains swiftly. In fact, we do all things relating to drains, like drainpipe repairs and drainpipe installations.

In addition, we install and service water pumps, like submersible sewer pumps and well pumps.

Furthermore, we install and repair heat pumps for swimming pool and geyser.

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