Geyser Timer Switch Installation Gauteng

Geyser timer switch installation is one way to reduce energy bills at home.

A water heater is one of the top energy user at home, and there is high need to cap its energy use. This will consequently save money.

A look at the way a water heater works will help see how a geyser timer switch will give low energy use.

Geyser Timer Switch Installation Gauteng
QAT-RDM Timer Switch

How Geyser Timer Switch Installation Can Save Energy

Your water heater is like a big kettle. Similarly, it has an element that heats up water just like a water kettle.That thermostat works to regulate heat levels. First, the thermostat is where you set a heat level that you need. Then after that it kicks in or cuts off power supply to maintain that set value.

Let us start with a water heater that is set at a heat level of say 60 degrees. When you shower for instance, the hot water that you take out of the tank is replaced with cold water. This will reduce the heat level inside tank, and the thermostat kicks in to energize the element. As soon as the set heat level is reached, the thermostat cuts of power supply.

Already it is clear that as long as we use water, for washing dishes, hands e.t.c, the geyser will be turning on and off to maintain the pre-set heat level.

Another reason for the drop of heat in the tank is the level of heat on the air around the tank. Heat will transfer from tank to air on a cold day, thereby causing a “heat leak” from tank. This is why you need a cloth wrap as well . Therefore both a cloth wrap and a timer switch should be part of the solution.

Timer installation can go a long way especially for older geyser models, which have a low ability to convert energy.

Other forms of energy saving

You can also limit the energy use by doing the things below, although some are hard to follow through:-

  • Use less hot water
  • Bath at same time with your family members
  • Use boiled water for other needs such as washing dishes
  • Install energy efficient geysers
  • Switch your geyser on and off at the DB board, although your breaker will get damaged faster

The cost of timer switch installation and cloth wrap is not much, ask us for one and we will gladly assist.

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