Geyser Timer Switch Randburg

Geyser Timer Switch in Randburg, your top timer switch installer in Randburg. Additionally we also do other geyser jobs, call for quote or sens us a need

From digital timer switch installs to manual timers.

We install and repair timer switches for your lights, garden watering, swimming pools and many more!

Call or ask for a quote on any other water heater needs, such as to install water heater cloth wrap or fit in a new one. Even for water heater repairs.

Here are some benefits of timer switch

  • Save power and consequently cut costs to run water heater.
  • More power to manage your devices. You can put on or put off devices on a time table, such as outside lights and other heating and cooling units.
  • Peace of mind. Timer switch is a “device manager”. You do not have to remember times to switch devices on or off.

Why timer switch? First, if the geyser is always on, there is an on and off power supply to the thermostat all day. Then the power use gets high, especially given that water heaters are the top users of power at home. A timer switch and a geyser cloth wrap will solve this.


Geyser Timer Switch Randburg
Typical Digital Timer Switch

Other Services – Geyser Timer Switch Randburg

We are a contractor to maintain homes and offices. Therefore, to fit in new geysers and replace faulty parts is part of our service.

You can use us on any of the needs on the list below:-

  • To replace a thermostat at fault.
  • If a water heater elements no longer works, we replace it.
  • To replace burst geysers.
  • Also, to fit in new water heaters, such as gas, electric as well as solar water heaters.
  • Fit of new outside wall lights, flood lights and do general light repairs.
  • Electrical wires for new building or when you remake or expand your building.
  • To fix electrical faults from devices or from DB board, even from bad wires.
  • Furthermore, to fit in new back up generator with change overs.
  • Moreover, we can do a full plumbing and electrical service at once.

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