How To Clean A Fabric Couch Like A Professional

how to clean a couch
how to clean a couch step by step guide

How to Clean a Fabric Couch – Introduction

Stains – should be removed as soon as a spill occurs, avoid the spill to set in. You may use water based cleaners, solvents or a combination.

First, check with your supplier for recommendations regarding detergents if you want to do it yourself, as some may not be friendly to the sofa fabric. Our professional couch cleaning service advises that the following be taken into account when choosing cleaning detergents

  1. Avoid solutions with high percentage of detergents within the mixture, as they tend to make the couch soapy and difficult to remove stains
  2. Ensure that the solution does not require a lot of water before the stain eventually goes off, as this will affect drying times
  3. In order to perform the cleaning task in a good and reasonable time frame, avoid solutions which result in formation of bubbles. Bubbles demand more water to be sprayed a number of times before they clear out, and will ultimately increase your man hours.

Choice of Couch Cleaning Detergents

Common detergents in use includes solutions containing weak acid, such as vinegar.

Alcohol inclusive cleaners are also available and effective in removing stains and killing bacteria. Alcohol works well particularly on ink stains. However, alcohol may not be safe on certain fabric, if you are doing it yourself consult your manufacturer. Some mildly abrasive products are also useful, such as baking soda use in couch cleaning. This readily available product will break down dirt and eliminate bad smell.

Corn starch, also available in homes and commonly used to thicken sauces or soups can also produce excellent results. This product is ideal for use on delicate upholstery that should not get too wet.

Another solution also available at home is just your natural dish soap. It also works well in combination with other liquids such as vinegar, in the correct proportions.

Hydrogen peroxide is among the effective solutions, used in the correct proportion it removes stains and brings out the brightness of the fabric too. So you can employ this chemicals on light colour fabric that has greasy substance, for instance.

The Process: How to Clean a Fabric Couch

Couch cleaning should take place in a room that allows free air circulation for ease of drying. Therefore, windows and doors ought to be open, and running a fan will go a long way to prevent moisture built up and residue.

Begin by gently running a brush to remove loose particles. A good brush should be stiff and contain natural bristles. You will notice that dust has been agitated and brought up to the surface,

After brushing, use hand held vacuum to remove the dirt on the surface of the couch

It is now time to apply your chosen detergent on the couch. Then allow for the absorption of the solution, say 15 to 20 minutes. Use a brush attachment to vacuum up the sofa, spot treating affected portions of the sofa first. Make use of your chosen detergent for cleaning target spots. Thereafter, clean the entire sofa

Use a soft towel to dry and soak up moisture, removing any remaining detergents. Also wipe the wood areas with a partially wet oft cloth and spray to shine.

Allow the sofa to dry overnight

Now you have a clean and healthy home.

For professional couch cleaning and general cleaning services, call us or send a request 

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