Pavement Repairs in Gauteng

Pavement Maintenance and Repair Services

Pavement Repairs in Gauteng, we are your best option for the repair of pavement in Johannesburg and Pretoria. We offer world class services in paving at affordable rates, call us now or fill in contact form.

We can Help You Revive a deteriorating Pavement

Repair of sunken pavers.

Fixing of paving crack and chips.

Repairs of pavement dips or pothole-like areas.

Fixing areas forming a pool of water around specific spots.

Our solution to repair damaged paving can be one of the following ways, depending on the cause of the pavement damage

  • Full depth patch – to repair damage caused by failure of the base pavement.
  • Sealing pavement cracks – for very narrow and shallow cracks, and to prevent water from entering the sub grade.
  • Removing affected area and replacing it by an overlay.
  • Vegetation removal – clearing any vegetation near the edges and sealing cracks
Pavement repairs in Gauteng
Pavement damaged by roots. Our pavement repairs services ensure the roots are cut off before any bricks can be replaced.

Pavement Repairs in Gauteng – Causes of Pavement Damage

Ground that is not strong enough such as spongy ground and other unstable soil is not good for pavement. Organic activity such as plant growth, roots and decomposition of underlying material can weaken the top soil, especially if water is present

Thankfully, soil strength can improve by using geotextiles to make a stronger base for load bearing pavement.

Additionally, replacement poor soil material with better soil that has good characteristic for compaction and strength is another solution.

Washing away of soil by rain water

Pavement damage from summer heat rays.

Poor ground preparation – ground below paving should be free of roots and rubble, therefore one has to dig first. After that the ground should be level, and should slope away from buildings. You can then compact the ground. Good drainage is a result of good ground preparation. Poor quality sand should be taken out and good sand should replace it, sand than can compact well.

Poor workmanship – a good paving job means lines are straight, curves are smooth and pavement is level and edges secure. Additionally, the edges of pavers should be secure and should not move. This is done by using a layer of concrete to hold it together. Pavement finishes should make sure that the cut offs are fitting well and are intact. Consequently, bricks will not move.

Sunken pavement calls for pavement repairs
A sunken pavement could be your reason to call for pavement repairs specialist in Gauteng.

Cost Effective Pavement Maintenance Ideas

In order to maintain your paving, you have to make sure the following easy steps are taken.

First, regular removal of weed dirt and dust free.

Then, removal of moss.

Apply seal coating before summer, to prevent pavement damage resulting from the summer heat.

Early crack sealing.

Immediate repairs on damages.

Periodic surface treatments as well as quick repairs of potholes.

In general, keep your pavement clean and looking good, then it will have a longer life span and maintain the value of your property.


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