Paving Contractor in Randburg

Paving Contractor in Randburg to give your home, business and industry space a better look and higher value. Moreover, we are the best contractor for quality work at very low rates. Do not overpay for paving anywhere in Randburg when you can call us! Call on 0810432004, or fill in the contact form to ask for help.


Repairs – we repair parts of paving that have sunk have a defect.

Brick paving repairs are easy, allows us to work only on the bad part. Our full time paving workers have the experience and knowledge to do a quick and pain free job.

Do you have problems with tree roots uprooting your paving? We have the answer. Moreover, we put in good time to fix any paving problem that affects the quality and appeal of your land.

Paving Installations – new installation of paving for schools, homes, churches, business space and many more. Low rates and on time service! We do not charge call out fee for quotes and inspections.

Paving contractor in randburg
home paving

Paving for Randburg Homes, Business and Industry

Paving for Randburg Homes

Small changes on your land surface can have a big shift on the overall look of your home. Get a higher value by changing your walkway, driveway, pool surrounds and garden edges. We are a reliable paving contractor in Randburg to bring this effect into reality.

The Paving Contractor in Randburg for business space and Industry

Likewise, you can increase the value of your business space by making changes to your driveways and walkways.

Even public areas and other social areas and common places like churches, shopping malls and any other area to support vehicle movement.

What you get from using our services

First, we turn up on time – time is money, and we are here to make money for ourselves in exchange of quality paving.

Then trust – you can rely on a paving company because we have satisfied all our clients.

Additionally, our rates are fair – we inspect the area before quoting, and we give accurate quotes that are fair and affordable. Prices consider pattern, type of brick and area to be covered. No need to spend lots of money when you can call us!

Moreover, we pay attention to detail – feel free to tell us the full detail of the final product you desire, and we will put it on the ground.

Good workmanship – quality work that does not leave question marks.

We even have a friendly team – always available to listen and discuss any arising issues.

Even more, you need not supervise us, you relax and wait for a good delivery.

Furthermore, we have a great team that understands team work and customer satisfaction.


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