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We do paving construction for small, medium and large projects.

book online for any of these paving specialist request for Residential, Commercial and Industrial paving.

Paving installations

Scrapping of paving

Paving repairs

Brick and block paving alike

Garden paving

With us, the cost of paving is reasonable and no hidden costs.

Our price for paving is determined by nature of ground, possible obstruction, area coverage, design and type of foundation.

If you are looking for affordable and quality paving installers in Gauteng, you have come to the right place. Show us the plan or request a site inspection and we work with you for your dream project.

Paving Installation and repairs

Why invest in driveways paving?

Driveways brick paving gives a better outlook than the traditional concrete driveways. You get a flexible design and you can arrange brick patterns in many ways. Therefore as a homeowner you get the power to get the curb appeal of choice. Furthermore, paving bricks comes in many colours, which gives an increase in the options for design and appeal.

Brick Paving is stronger when you look at how a surface can chip away over time. Concrete paving tends to chip away more often. Furthermore, the repair of concrete paving usually involves removing entire portions just to fix a small problem area. As you fix a portion of concrete surface you also lose colour. Consequently, this creates different color patches on the overall surface. This means you lose the good appeal that was there at first. In contrast, brick paving lets you remove only the portion that you want with no bad effect on overall look.

As a paving contractor for Johannesburg and Pretoria, we can work with you to obtain your dream driveway paving. Full time paving fitting is what we do, we make sure you get quality!!

Besides driveways use, paving is also ideal for patios, pool surrounds and gardens

walkway paving installation

Choice of Paving Installation Bricks

Cement brick paving

A very common paving type for homes and especially housing estates. They have a wide area use and are cheaper to fit. Among the many uses of cement pavers is driveways use, walkways, patios and pool surrounds.

Flagstone brick paving

Flagstone paving comes in rectangular or square shape and is a natural stone found from quarry. The minerals that make up flagstone are slate, limestone or sandstone which is easy to shape.

Although this paving cost more than most types, it has a wide use. You can use it for patios, walkways, pool decks, walkways and even stepping stones.

Flagstone is ideal for home use and because it is available in different texture, colours and sizes, it has an even wider use. However, there is a limit when it comes to traffic. You may not use flagstone for heavy traffic. Therefore you can use it only in areas like housing estates and for private homes.

Factors affecting paving installation costs

The cost to fit in paving depends on a few number of factors including:-

Type of brick pavers – different bricks have different prices per square meter coverage

Nature of the ground – the amount of sand that has to be brought in to make the ground stable during ground preparation.

Likewise, the total area cover, for labour cost. Labour rate is normally per square meter cost

Whether you need to install new pavers or replace old one – depending on what surface you need to remove. Such as a surface could be a concrete surface, where by you want to replace with paving. Additionally you may want to replace old paving with new one

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