We provide full plumbing services for residential and commercial building. Fill in contact form to book an appointment.

Here is what our plumbing company can provide you with: –

  • Geyser plumber maintenance and repair service.
  • Drain service maintenance
  • General plumbing maintenance services
  • Leaking pipe repairs
  • Best emergency plumber service
  • Top plumbing contractor for water line installations and new plumber amenities fitting.

Drain Service Plumbing Maintenance

Are you tired of using DIY methods to unblock drain with no results? Redshadow Group is your friend in drain cleaning. We provide low-cost drain plumber services around Gauteng.

  • Blocked toilet clearing
  • Unblock sewage drains
  • Clear blocked sink drains
  • Blocked shower waste drainpipes
  • Unblock hand wash basin waste drainpipes.

Geyser Plumbing Maintenance, Repairs, and Installations

We are fast in attending to urgent calls to replace burst geysers.

geyser plumbing services

Take advantage of low labour cost of installing geysers. In short, we deal with the following geyser services: –

  • Faulty geyser element replacement
  • Burst geyser replacement
  • Faulty geyser thermostat replacement
  • Fix no hot water issues
  • New geyser installations
  • Add new geyser on a new building
  • Install horizontal geysers
  • Fit in vertical geysers

Best Emergency Plumber Service and General Plumbers Service

We treat emergency plumber calls very seriously. There is no job too small for our attention. Neither is there a job too big for us. Therefore, you are very welcome to call for urgent plumbing solutions.

emergency plumber service

Call us for these and any other urgent maintenance plumber needs

  • Leaking pipe repairs – on surface and sub surface water leaks repairs
  • Burst geysers
  • Broken water pipes
  • Emergency plumber needs during building make overs

Plumber Installations and Home Renovations

kitchen make over

New kitchen plumber fittings

Kitchen make over

Bathroom make over

Adding new toilets

Toilet replacements

Fit in new water supply pipes

Install new water taps

Washing machine water supply and drainage

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