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Plumbing - geyser installation & repair

Plumbing Services – Unblocking drains

Are you tired of using DIY methods to unblock drain with no results? If such solutions do no work for you, let use deploy full timer plumbers to assist. Good service, thorough job and a price that you can afford.

Do not fall for using chemicals that may harm your drain pipes. There is need to use proper products for unblocking drains even if you require to unblock drains at home by yourself. We make it easy though, as our unblocking drains cost is very affordable. Our plumbers make use of quality tools that actually work. We even use simple drain rods where necessary, and still get very good results.

Plumbing Services – Solar and Electric Geysers

We can do a number of services on geysers. Call us if you need any of the services on the list below:-

Do you have leaks on your electric geyser? We fix water leaks on pipes and other parts

Geyser (electric) water temperature not rising

Electric geyser not working

Geyser (electric) power use is too high

Electric geyser making noise, we fix

Moreover we deal with all electric geyser faults, such as:-

Electric geyser thermostat replacement

Geyser not heating water

Repair faulty geyser parts

Fit in new electric geyser

Likewise correct geyser thermostat setting or replace one if it is no longer working.

Furthermore, we work on solar geyser heating systems as well.

Call us to replace parts or service them.

We replace burst geysers

You can even call us to fix problem with geyser using too much energy.

In addition, we repair electric geyser making noises

And then also repair all faults relating to geyser function.


Emergency Plumbing Services

Additionally, you can ask for our help for urgent plumbing issues. We offer full emergency plumbing services

Call us for all your emergency plumbing repair needs from leakages to burst pipes and geysers

We are always ready with our plumbers on stand by

You can afford us, call us and see that for yourself!

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodelling | New Installations

You can further use our service if you need to re make your bathroom or kitchen.

We make us of quality material that you can find on the local market.

The work is fast, thorough and very neat

Likewise, we re make your shower cubicles, toilets, showers and many other areas where plumbing work may be necessary.

Full bathroom fit ins

Shower cubicles

Toilet installations and replacements

Full kitchen plumbing

Tap and faucets repairs

We even do washing machines!!

Call us for a free quote!!

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