Blocked Drain Company Johannesburg

Blocked drain company Johannesburg. We clean all sorts of blocked drains and offer emergency plumbing solutions. book to ask for a drain surgeon

drain unblocking

We remove the most stubborn element of clogged sewer drains. This challenge is common in wooded areas.

When roots find their way into the drainage piping systems, it is time to call a blocked drain cleaning service.

Roots are tough to remove from sewage blockage. Therefore, we use often use power tools to remove sewer drain clog.

That is why it is important to maintain your drains by avoiding unwanted material in toilets and sinks. If proper care is not taken, you may end up with your sewage line clogged. However, whenever you experience sewerage blockage in Johannesburg, know that our drain service is low-cost and efficient.

We ensure 100% clearance of clogged sewer pipes!

In fact, in all matters of drain and sewer in Johannesburg, our drain cleaning service is the best!!

Plumbers use drain machines and other drain equipment to cut out and remove roots inside a drain system. Roots may cause continuous blockages if they are not cut out, as they tend to trap tissues and other objects within the drainage pipes, therefore they should be rid of at once

How much does it cost to unblock a drain by a blocked drain company in Johannesburg?

Our services can clean out your drain from as little as R650, depending on a few factors

Location of site

Nature of the drain, whether a kitchen drain, toilet blockage or a blocked drain outside house

Residents should also note that a blocked drain on the mains on the streets are cleaned by the municipality for free.

What Causes Blocked Drains in Johannesburg?

Cleaning drains caused by tissues and wipes

It is common to find toilet blockages due to piled up tissues and other non-biodegradable material

These drain blockages are obviously easily avoidable by making sure that every toilet flush actually clears toilet paper. Also avoiding non-biodegradable material and other unwanted matter such as tampons

Tampons and sanitary pads are often found in the drainage systems and this is not supposed to be so. Some residents flush tampon in the toilet and this is not recommended. However, if you find yourself in this situation, we are only a call away. We are available in all Gauteng areas and suburbs

Drain unblocking due to fat, oil, hair and grease

We clear these drains caused by these common causes especially for sink drains.

We remove resolve blockages of drains due to fat and grease. In particular, we perform maintenance of grease traps for busy restaurants in and around Gauteng. Oils and grease tend to solidify and accumulate and trap other matter. Examples are bacon grease and fatty foods

Hair – loose hair can find its way onto the pipes and accumulate on bends, causing blockages particularly in basins and showers. Pieces of bar soap can also potentially block a toilet

We Are The Best Drain Surgeons in Johannebsurg

Our company provides world class drain surgeon services in Johannesburg. In addition, we pride ourselves in having highly experienced drain service plumbers.

We clean out all forms of drain blocks.

Our response time is very fast, blocked drainage lines are a matter of urgency.

We are locally available.

Our drain unblocking services come second to none in Johannesburg!

We are the cheapest and best drain cleaning service provider in Johannebsurg

No need to pay an arm and leg for drain cleaning when you can use us.

Right tools for the right drains.

Experienced plumbers.

Fast and efficient team.

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