Borehole Pump Installation Johannesburg

Borehole pump installation Johannesburg, Gauteng. Fill in the contact form for quotes and service.

We Fit in New Pumps , Replace Parts and do Repairs

When you think of repairs of borehole pumps, think us. We are the contractor to look if you need quality work at a price that you can afford. We cover a range of pump types and sizes

  • Sewer pumps, grey water pumps and potable water pumps of many sizes and brands.
  • We do pump checks and offer answers.

Borehole Pump Installation Johannesburg – Types of Pumps we Install

We have quality plumbers in Johannesburg and Pretoria to install pumps. Get the best from your pumps, ask for our service to install a new pump.

  • Borehole Pumps – a range of different pump sizes from 3 inch up to 10 inch.
  • Irrigation Pumps.
  • Sewer pumps – light and heavy duty pumping of dirty water.

Whether you need a submersible pump or a surface pump, we can assist to fit them in. We replace and repair pumps. Call us any day for a service

Quality is certain. Good workmanship and a friendly service.

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