Borehole Pump Installation Pretoria

Borehole pump installation Pretoria, we offer plumbing and electrical service of borehole pumps. Call us or fill contact form for borehole pumps servicing, repairs, and installations in Pretoria.

For your domestic and commercial borehole pumps installation, call our expert plumbers in Pretoria. We offer a complete installation service relating to pump installations. Our team has experience and knowledge of pumps. Our competent borehole installers get the job done first time

Borehole pump installation Pretoria

We work on all types of pumps such as the ones summarized below

Submersible borehole pump installation

Our borehole installers in Pretoria make sure submersible pumps are fully submerged in the water to draw in the water and pump it to a particular location.

Submersible water pump is not only limited to clean ground water supply. The design can similarly work on drainage water pumping, where immersion of the pump into septic tank is possible

Surface borehole pump installation – dry pump/surface pump

Unlike the submersible water pump, installation of dry pumps is on surface. Connection of pipe work to access underground water makes it possible for tapping the water and pumping it to destination.

Our recommendations regarding borehole pumps

Our expert team recommends that owners service and maintenance their domestic borehole pumps regularly. In particular, the submersible borehole pump which is exposed to water containing high levels of mineral elements. A regular maintenance will ensure optimum operation and prevent damage.

Call the experts for all your borehole pump installations in Pretoria now.

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