Drainage Pump Installation

Drainage pump installation such as sewer pumps installations for septic tank and other liquid drainage pumps. We install all sorts of domestic pumps for various types of liquid drainage.

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Domestic drain pumps are generally lightweight and portable. Such pumps can be used for temporary or permanent applications.

Let us consider some of the applications

  • To drain water from flooded areas
  • Draining a swimming pool or even filling it up
  • Transferring household grey water
  • Pumping dirty water or any untreated wastewater to a desired destination
  • Pumping domestic effluent and sewage

Drainage Pump Installation Types

A pump is used to extract water from a borehole and it is in contact with water/liquids from the day of installation. Therefore pumps are made of corrosion resistant material.

Just like clean water pumps, drainage pump installation has two main types. In fact, most pumps work for both clean water and dirty water pumping, especially for domestic purposes.

Submersible borehole pump installation

Drainage or sewer pump installers ensure that this pump is  fully submersed in the water in order to draw in the water and pump it to a particular location. Therefore there should be sufficient water to completely cover the pump.

Submersible water pumps work very well in pumping sewer water and dirty water to a target destination. If your septic tank does not soak away, it is ideal to have a sewer pump installation in place

Surface borehole pump installation – dry pump/surface pump

Unlike the submersible water pump, installation of dry pumps is on surface. Connection of pipe work to access underground water makes it possible for tapping the water and pumping it to destination.

Expect Quality Sewer Pump Servicing, Maintenance & Installation

We provide quality maintenance and repair services for all domestic drainage and dirty water pumping. Call us for timely service at a reasonable cheap price.

Why you need to maintain your drain pumps

A longer life span of your pump and greater output maintained.

Lower chances of damage or break downs

Save money – less need or no need to call pump maintenance service providers to fix breakages and pay for unnecessary call out fees.

Higher work output from the drain pump.

A cleaner and environment friendly property, free from unwanted water puddles.

Types of Drainage Pumps

Drainage pumps are very handy when it comes to draining away water from flood areas within a home or any property. Usually after heavy rainfalls, homes with basement may suffer floods. Therefore, installing a drainage pump is essential, and it will make your life much easier.

A look at the available options to install a water draining pump.

Jet Pumps

Install a jet priming drainage pump for light weight spread of water. It is ideal for homes, rural areas, and any lightweight water draining task. The use therefore extends to gardening, small scale irrigation and farming, light industry use, and to boost a weak municipal water pressure.

If you install a jet drainage pump in the basement, you have advantage of moving it around as it is a made for easy removal and re install.

Effluent Pumps

If you need to drain away grey matter, installing an effluent pump is a good choice. Effluent pumps remove fluids that contains solids. Example of use include to pump grey-sewage liquid from a septic tank to a septic drain field. However, this effluent drain pumps should not be mistaken for a sewer drain pump, which handles bigger solids.

Sewerage drainage pumps

Like effluent pumps, sewerage pumps work the same way, although they have a higher ability to drain fluids with bigger solids.

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