Emergency Plumbing Repairs and Maintenance Johannesburg

Emergency Plumbing Repairs and Maintenance Johannesburg, quick and efficient plumbing solutions attention problems. Blocked drains cleaning and unblocking. Book for services now!

Emergency Plumbing Repairs and Maintenance Johannesburg

List of Problems for Emergency Plumbing Repairs and Maintenance Johannesburg.

When your geyser bursts – we replace burst geysers and replace any leaking pipes connecting geyser parts

Broken water pipes – leaky pipes pose a risk of flooding areas. Moreover, leaking pipes results in high water bills.

Toilet Leaks – they prevent people from using toilets and therefore they should have urgent attention.

Our service is reliable, affordable and hassle free. Call us for residential and commercial plumbing anywhere in Gauteng.

When a main shut off valve is not working.

Damages that may arise due to renovations.

Emergency Toilets Leaks Repairs

Toilets may leak on various locations, such as the toilet base itself. Common toilet leaks are found at the bottom inlet, water supply inlet and pan connector

The toilet is a very important plumbing facilty in a building and a leakage on the toilet usually demands urgent attention. This is where Redshadow Maintenance comes into play. We are a phone call away, anywhere in Gauteng. You call, we deliver.

Emergency Drain Cleaning Services

No one can stand a blocked sewer drain, especially if it spills at entrance points of a building. The sight and the smell scream emergency! Get urgent attention from clogged drains by calling us, we clear even the stubborn drains in little time.

We unclog sewer drains, sink drains, shower and tubs

Call us to trace the source of leaks on your underground as well as wall leakages.

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