Geyser Installations

geyser installations

Geyser Installations. Call or book for geyser services. We are one of the leading geyser companies in Pretoria and Johannesburg, offering electric geyser services, gas geyser services as well as solar geyser services.

These services are part of our emergency plumbing services all over Gauteng

We offer full packages such as supply and install services, which saves the client time and effort in researching best suitable installation.

Another cost effective way is for client to purchase material, that is, if client is fully conversant with the installation requirements. So what this means is that, if you come across a geyser for sale, you can utilize this option. Call us for geyser installation.

Our technicians are strategically located to enable geyser repairs near you anywhere in Pretoria or Johannesburg.

As we grow our label and brand, we aim to top the list of solar companies in South Africa

This will enable us to provide plumbers near you anywhere you are

Furthermore, clients may call us for services and advice

Here is a list of common geysers we deal with

Kwikot geyser

Heat Tech geyser

Builders Geyser

Frankie geyser

Builders High Pressure Geyser

High Pressure Geyser

Duratherm geyser

Low pressure geyser

The sun low pressure geyser

ANAC solar geyser

Electric geysers

Solar geysers

Solar Geyser Installations and Repairs

Our technicians will do inspection of premise to advise on the best suitable solar geyser system for your needs.

Solar systems vary according to climatic conditions and type of water or water quality among other things. Geysers are either direct or indirect and sub categories, and can be close coupled. In the direct solar system, there is direct heating as water moves from tank to collectors. Unlike the direct system, water heating occurs at the heat exchange in the indirect method. In this method, water does not circulate to the collectors.

Here is a list of some common phrases usually in use in the solar industry, according to pressure and whether or not panels are in use

Climatic environments that determine the choice of solar system includes frost and freezing, extreme cold conditions, inland or coastal area.

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