Heat Pump Installations Gauteng

heat pump installations and repairs

Heat pump installations are fast becoming common in South Africa. Book for heat pump service.

A heat pump is a reliable and cost effective equipment to provide heating and cooling in homes and offices. We look at common problems that may cause your heat pump not to work properly

When heat pump cannot produce warm Air

Could be any one of the reasons below:-

No power supply

Improper thermostat settings

Wiring not done properly

Wrong type of thermostat

HVAC professionals are there to assist if a DIY is not possible

When heat pump is blowing cold air or has insufficient heating

Could be a need for new refrigerant. Consider servicing the heat pump

Weird Noises

Flapping and rattling noise may be a result of a refrigerant leak or loose connections that needs fastening. If all these do not work, a professional will be required to resolve the noise

Odd Smells

Mould may cause a musty smell and is not good for your health as well as the heat pump

A random check and basic cleaning can clear debris that are stuck in the heat pump

Our Heat Pump Installations Service

We offer installation and repair services of heat pumps in and around Gauteng. Our services are affordable, quick and reliable

We work on a variety of brands and we work on swimming pool heat pumps, geyser heat pumps as well as air conditioner heat pump

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