Geyser Heat Pump Installation and Repairs Pretoria

Geyser heat pump installation and repairs Pretoria. Fill in contact form for expert plumbing and electrical service provider in Pretoria.

About geyser heat pumps

  • High energy efficiency – very high energy conversion rate ensures your pocket stays intact.
  •  No issue with hot water availability anytime of the day
  • Is not limited to size of geyser
  • Installation is safe and as easy as a, b, c
  • Long term savings in that heat pump requires very minimum servicing or not at all
  • Fast recovery and first hour hot water availability
  • Heat pumps promote a green environment.

Our Package: Geyser heat pump installation and repairs Johannesburg

Our packages covers both plumbing and electrical scope of the heat pump installation. You do not need to worry about supplying a power point near to your geyser or swimming pool. We do it all. Our heat pump installers have a mix of plumbing and electrical skills.

As a home owner, you do not require a lot of space to install heat pumps. The installation itself is quite simple and can be accomplished on small spaces. Heat pumps derive power from electricity, but they make use of minimum power and covert it to use at very high efficiency. Heat pumps are tried and tested and proven to be the ultimate energy savers.

A Heat pump will work better for larger families that are using hot water throughout the day.

Our specialists plumbers in Johannesburg are available to repair or install your heat pumps. So be it domestic or commercial service, call us and get the help you need.

Installation package includes :

  • electrical point installation
  • the heat pump unit and the LCD controller
  • tubing and electrical wiring
  • circulation pump
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