Leak Repairs

Plumbing leak repairs, call us for any water leaks for domestic and commercial buildings, we resolve pipe leaks, geyser component leaks, toilet leaks & more. Get leak repairs quick, book for service.

plumbing leak repair
Macro photo of a faucet head leaking.

Our plumbing maintenance services ensure that emergency plumbing needs such as water leaks are resolved in time and professionally. We fix various water leaks from plumbing systems, such as pipe leaks, leaking toilets, leaking geyser components, burst pipes and burst geysers

Common plumbing leak repairs

Sometimes, you may not realize that your plumbing system has a leak somewhere due to the location of the leak. Usually in such situations, the first signs of leakage comes in the form of a higher than normal municipal water bill.

Water leaks may occur in walls. Typically, they cause wetness on the wall and you notice paint peeling off. Sometimes one may see a wet floor, as the water can migrate within the building walls seeking an escape route. This is the reason why water leaks in walls and floors can be tricky to locate the source by eye. You may think that there is a leak coming from the floor, only to find that there is not even a single pipe running underground. Leak detection becomes vital in locating the source of water leak

At times, water pipes may run under paving or slabs. These pipes may also leak resulting in high water bills. Other leakages are man made, such as hitting a pipe during maintenance work.

We deal with all types of leakages that occur on plumbing systems, regardless of the type of pipe (galvanized, copper, plastic etc)

Plumbing equipment may leak. Safety valves and pressure valves may also leak due to a finished lifespan.

Are you having leaks on faucets, garden taps or any other plumbing facility. call our maintenance service, no job is too small or too big for us. Affordable service too!

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