Toilet Repairs

toilet repairs

Toilet repairs in Gauteng. We offer solutions to all sorts of toilets problems from toilet leaks to toilet blockages. If your toilet flushing mechanism is giving you problems, book online for service.

Here are some few common toilet problems that we deal with on a daily basis

Toilet cutting on and off

If you see your toilet running intermittently, then you know there is an issue with the flush system. This means that there is a slow leak from the cistern (tank) to the bowl (bottom chamber of toilet).

Call us for a quick and very affordable remedy

Continuous flow of water from cistern

This is a problem commonly caused by faulty bottom inlet. The sounds are annoying and the loss of water can easily lead to huge water bills. Unless the problem is resolved, water will continue to trickle from tank to bowl all the way.

Blocked toilet

Let us deal with the mess of unblocking your toilets.

Finished Seals

Finished seals can be a problems with toilets, resulting in leaks and unwelcome sounds. You may need to call us if you do not want to dirty your hands, or if you are not sure how to proceed

Leaking pan connector

The repair might involve cutting off an existing pan connector in order to allow for working space to install a new one. The replacement usually is from a flexible pan connector

Redshadow Best Practice for Toilet Repairs & General Plumbing

Our plumbers are well qualified and experienced in home plumbing, customer care and safety. We always ensure that we prevent corrosion of plumbing systems as much as possible. We employed best methods and make use of approved material. Similarly, we always ensure that our inspections include corrosion checks as there is always potential for leaks if corrosion is present

No small leaks policy – all leaks are a problem no matter how minor or slow the leak may appear. We do thorough checks to identify and resolve leaks in good time

We detect noises early in order to fix the problem while it is still cheap and easy to do so. Any funny noise is investigated and the root cause addressed

Smooth finish – a smooth and appealing finish usually may mean that pipes are concealed from the naked eye.

Clean up after repairs – you may not tell that a plumber was at work after we done with repairs. We clean up!

Our plumbers always observe safety precaution, both to protect themselves and also to avoid costly breakages of equipment near the work area.

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