Residential Electric Services in Gauteng

Affordable residential electric services in Gauteng. Call or fill in contact form to get the best residential electrical services in Gauteng.

We offer electric service in three main service categories.

  • Home electrical repair service
  • House electric device installations and wiring
  • General home electric maintenance services

Additionally, we are available for urgent calls to repair and maintain house electric systems. Therefore, if you need a house electrician as soon as possible, Redshadow Group is the electrical company for guaranteed fast and efficient service.

Emergency electric problems at home often occur when least expected. However, with a fast and reliable house electric contractor like us, you will never have to worry.

Residential Electric Repairs and Maintenance Services

We help keep your power system running in a safe and effective way. Call us if your power trips repeatedly. We assess the cause of power trips and rectify same day.

In addition, we repair facilities ad devices that use electric energy at home. Examples of electrical appliances and devices we repair includes: –

Repair of stoves and ovens

Fixing faulty fridges

Replacement of faulty circuit breakers

Repair of geyser electrical supply faults

Fixing faulty electric outlets in the house

Resolve electric shocks

Fix electrical earthing issues

Repair house lighting systems and fix faulty lighting fixtures

Fix flickering lights issues

House Electrical Installations

If you are renovating a house, building a new house from the ground, or simply extending additional units, you need electrical installation services.

We help you achieve your dream by installing electrical wiring lines, panels, and devices that make your building a real home.

Here is our service list for electrical installations:

  • Install or modify electrical junction boxes
  • Fit in electric geysers
  • Install power back up
  • Fit in light fixtures and flood lights
  • Install timers like geyser timers and pool timers
  • Add power outlets when needed

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