Toilet Plumbing Services

Toilet plumbing services in Gauteng, we repair and install new toilets at a rate you can afford. Call us for a full time plumber services.

We resolve toilet leaks, toilet flush issues and drain pipes leaks.

Do you need to replace faulty toilet parts? Here is what we can do for you.

  • We can replace bottom and side inlet valves.
  • Replace dual flush unit.
  • We replace flush valves.
  • Take out worn out seals and washers and put in new ones.
  • Replace flexible connectors.
  • We cut out old pan connector and replace with new ones, or seal off where there is a leak.
  • Replace worn out flush gasket
  • Put in pan wax seal ring.
  • Replace toilet seat covers.

We also do general toilet servicing and repairs like unblocking toilets and drains. Furthermore we trace other causes of water leaks and fix them.

Toilet Plumbing Services
Toilet Plumbing Services

Our Toilet Plumbing Services Cover All Types of Toilets

We are proud that we can maintain and install all types of toilet units.

Check with us for answers on toilet issues and any need to replace a part.

  • Top flush units – easy to use top button flush units, we deal with these as well.
  • Furthermore, we work on dual top flush units – to repair, service and install this type of toilet. Call us to fit in this water saving toilet.
  • Front flush toilet types – similarly we repair and service as well as install new toilets. This is a common type that you may also want to fit in a new home or during make overs.
  • Self closing toilet system repairs and installs.
  • Close coupled toilet installs and repairs
  • Low level toilet fixing and installs.
  • We even work on back to wall toilets.
  • Top entry back to wall toilets.
  • Additionally, we work on wall hung toilets.

First, our service is of top quality. We follow right steps through out repairs and installs. Then we make sure that your pocket does not run dry. We are sure you can afford our rates.

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