Toilet Types in South Africa

Toilet Types in South Africa – Class by How Flush Unit Works.

In South Africa, most toilet class is by way of how the flush unit works. Let us look at the flush unit type on most markets.

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Top flush – Top flush toilet unit has a on/off link at the top for flushing. Additionally, top flush unit can either have one button or two buttons. The dual flush has an additional on/off link that make it possible to choose to flush liquid waste or solid waste.

Consequently, there is a low level of water to flush liquid waste and a high level of water to flush solid waste

Front flush – has a handle at the front to use to flush.

Sensor operated flush – found mostly in public places and offices.

Furthermore, other push flush units exist – you flush when you push a button, such as a hidden dual flush with button on the wall.


toilet types in south africa
Siri White Wall Hung Toilet Pan

Toilet Types in South Africa – by Tank Type Class

Tank type can also speak about toilet class

Exposed cistern – tank sits on the bowl or sticks on the wall, the eye can see it clearly.

Concealed cistern – the tank is built inside the wall, and cannot be seen by the eye. The eye can only see buttons or levers to flush.

Furthermore, joint classes can also be used for a toilet class, such as wall hung toilets.

Toilets class can also be in terms of the type of pan, and there are many types of pan in use such as below:-

Concealed pan

P trap pan – the end that links to the waste pipe is level, and can either be low level or standard level pan.

Floor standing


Back to wall

Other – Seat Type/Material

Another class of toilet is the type of seat and the material type in use to make the seat.

You may want to look at these toilet seat types.

First, a soft close seat that is slow to get the lid down.

Then there is a wooden seat.

Furthermore, there is the standard one that you have to put down yourself to close it.

Additionally, some have white plastic seats.

Jazz thermoset

Usually, toilet makers will tell the right type of sealant to use. Most sealants in use for toilets in South Africa includes:-

Mildew resistant silicone sealant

Sealant wax




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