Borehole Pump Installation

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We offer a full plumbing and electrical service of borehole pumps. Call us for borehole pumps servicing, repairs and new fit in.

If your pump does not get power, you can also call for us to fix it? Call us if you need us to find faults and then fix them. We work on home and business borehole pumps. Let us do the plumbing and electrical for your borehole pumps. Our team has experience and knowledge of pumps. We have full time plumbers to fit in boreholes.

Borehole pumps are now well known as home owners seek more choice for clean water. You do not have to depend on local council for water. Furthermore, you get to save money if you built a borehole. To add to that, the pumps in use for boreholes are very easy to operate.

Additionally, some modern borehole water pumps have a built-in unit that may filter water and switch on or off, a knee jerk action.

Borehole Pump Installation by Type

A pump takes water from a borehole and it is in contact with water from the day of we fit it in. Therefore, pumps are made of material that can stand the effect of rust.

Let us look at the two main types of pumps that you can use on boreholes

Submersible borehole pump installation

Borehole installers ensure that this pump is deep inside water in order to draw in the water and pump it. Therefore, there should be enough water to cover the pump in full.

Further to clean water use, submersible water pump can also work on dirty water. The design can similarly work to drain dirty water, where the pump can go at the bottom of septic tank.

Surface borehole pump installation – dry pump/surface pump

Unlike the submersible water pump, installation of dry pumps is on surface. Connection of pipe work to access underground water makes it possible for tapping the water and pumping it to destination.

Device Health

We recommend to get regular service and to maintain your home borehole pumps . In particular, the submersible borehole pump which is in full contact with water. Moreover, ground water often has high levels of mineral salts. If you maintain often, you will get best results. In addition to longer life, you get best output.

Call us for new fit of borehole pumps.

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